Practice Managers: Now More Than Ever You Should Join the AAN and BRAINS!

March 12, 2009


By Bryan Soronson, MPA, FACMPE, CRA

During the current financial crisis, managing a neurology practice has become increasingly challenging. Every day, practice managers face declining reimbursement, increasing numbers of uninsured patients, participation in Pay-for-Performance programs and e-Prescribing, and the demands of moving to electronic medical records.

This is where Business and Research Administrators in Neurology Society (BRAINS) and the American Academy of Neurology come in. Joining the AAN and BRAINS provides you with the tools and contacts to help you successfully manage your practice during this difficult time. Membership is a bargain: just $205 annually.

BRAINS member benefits include:

  • Access to the BRAINS listserv, which provides members opportunities to network with their peers and obtain answers to their specific questions, as well as the chance to review and participate in discussions covering all aspects of neurology practice management
  • Significant registration discounts to the AAN Annual Meeting and regional programs
  • Access to online resource materials such as stroke ICD-9-CM and CPT coding guides, botulinum toxin injection coding guide, E/M templates, and more

BRAINS members serve as faculty at the BRAINS Colloquium, which will be held at the AAN Annual Meeting in Seattle on April 25, 2009, and at AAN regional meetings. They speak on topics such as management of human resource functions, implementation of electronic medical records, compliance issues, improving collections, and management of clinical trials.

BRAINS members serve on several important AAN committees, including the Practice Committee, the Medical Economics and Management Committee, and its Coding and Practice Management & Technology Subcommittees.

Please consider joining AAN and BRAINS now, more than ever!

AAN and BRAINS Membership Resources

Author Disclosure

Within the past 24 months, Mr. Soronson received personal compensation from MEDA Corporation for responding to surveys.