Updated CPT Code Crosswalk Table Now Available

March 12, 2009


In response to direct feedback from physicians and medical societies, a CPT Code Crosswalk Table was implemented in 2007 to support the UnitedHealthcare Radiology Notification Program. The crosswalk table houses CPT code information that will enable physicians, and other health care professionals in certain circumstances, to substitute a new study for an already notified imaging procedure without making further notification to UnitedHealthcare.

In an instance where a CPT code for the notified procedure differs from the CPT code for the rendered procedure, and the code combination is not listed on the CPT Code Crosswalk Table, the claim will be denied as noted in the protocol.

Certain code combinations in the existing table have changed. An updated table is available online.

The changes reflected in the new table were effective February 25, 2009, for claims processed after this date. The updated CPT Code Crosswalk Table will not apply to claims processed prior to this effective date. Any claims submitted after this effective date will be processed in accordance with the new CPT Code Crosswalk Table.

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