Use CPT Code 95999 for Nerve Testing Using Pre-configured Electrode Arrays

February 20, 2009


Nerve conduction testing performed with pre-configured arrays are to be reported using 95999, according to the AMA's CPT® Assistant (December 2008). Academy members are encouraged to educate other physicians in your community that utilize NCS testing using preconfigured electrode arrays about this new change.

According to the AMA publication's coding clarification: "Currently, there is no specific code in the CPT codebook that distinctly describes the preconfigured electrode array nerve testing. Therefore, when using CPT codes to report these services, the unlisted code 95999, descriptor, should be reported for this testing. However, alternative coding and procedural nomenclature as contained in other code sets may allow reporting of a more specific code for these services."

Please see the original article in the December issue of CPT Assistant for further detail.