2009 Update: Advocacy on AAN.com

February 10, 2009


by Lily Jung, MD, FAAN, Advocacy Editor, AAN.com

Regardless of your politics, there is hope that the cyanotic American healthcare system may get some CPR with the start of the 111th Congress and the beginning of a new Presidential term. As a result, there has never been a more exciting time to be involved in advocacy on behalf of neurologists and neurological patients.

The advocacy pages of AAN.com describe and promote the efforts of enthusiastic neurologists and talented staff of the Academy's Center for Health Policy. The material on the website reflects the activities of neurology advocates year-round.

Palatucci Fellows Leading the Charge

There is recognition that the momentum of the enlarging group of Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum graduates is propelling the concerns of neurologists to the forefront, both on the state and the national level. AAN.com has published accounts of this activity, including:

On the Hill

The AAN Professional Association’s federal legislative activities are also in the spotlight on AAN.com.

  • Our legislative counsel in DC, Mike Amery, writes a blog, Capitol Hill Report, to discuss the potential impact of the new Congress on the field of neurology and on the way that doors are being opened by BrainPAC.
  • The newly formed Health Reform Task Force, chaired by Bruce Sigsbee, MD, FAAN, created an educational piece for policymakers on the Hill titled "The Critical Role of Neurologists in Our Health Care System." This Task Force will be developing reform principles that will drive the Academy's efforts on Capitol Hill. This will be described in upcoming columns.

Going Forward

  • Reports from Neurology on the Hill March 23–24 as neurologists converge on the Capitol to advocate for issues important to the profession
  • More stories about disease-specific advocacy efforts both on the state and local level
  • Reports on the principles identified by the Health Reform Task Force
  • And much more . . . .

So stay tuned to an exciting and hopeful time for advocacy in neurology!

Lily Jung, MD, FAAN
Advocacy Editor, AAN.com