Educational Handout for Media and Policymakers Now Online

January 23, 2009


The AAN Professional Association's Health Reform Task Force has recently developed an educational handout outlining "The Critical Role of Neurologists in our Health Care System." Designed to educate and inform policymakers about the upcoming challenges neurologists and their patients face, this handout answers critical questions about the neurological profession, the diseases neurologists treat, and also talks about the considerations Capitol Hill needs to take into account as they begin to develop and debate health care reform measures.

Academy members are encouraged to use this handout in discussions with their patients, the general public, the media, and especially when they are given the opportunity to discuss health care reform with their US Senators or Representative. "The Critical Role of Neurologists in our Health Care System" can be found on the Health Care Reform and Medicare Reimbursement page, listed under "Tools & Resources."

For questions or comments, please contact Rod Larson, Chief Health Policy Officer, at or at 651-695-2772.