UnitedHealth Premium Designation Program Assessment Results Now Available to Physicians

January 13, 2009


UnitedHealthcare recently completed the annual UnitedHealth Premium® physician designation program quality and cost efficiency assessment. The results were then mailed to physicians across the country. Please watch your mail for the designation results.

Physicians can now view their individual assessment reports on UnitedHealthcare's website. This website also provides comprehensive information about the Premium program, the process for requesting reconsideration, the detailed methodology used for the assessment, and other materials to assist physicians in learning more about the program. Find more information on the UnitedHealth Premium Physician Designation.

UnitedHealthcare's policy is to notify physicians of their individual designation at least 45 days* prior to public disclosure of the results to give physicians the opportunity to review their assessment reports, seek clarification and, if necessary, to request reconsideration. The results will be available to the public no earlier than March 4, 2009.

You may request reconsideration of this assessment at any time during the designation cycle. However, if you do not want the result in your letter to display on UnitedHealthcare websites until you receive the outcome of your reconsideration, please refer to the reconsideration section of your letter; this gives you the date that we need to receive your request.

If you lose your letter or the password for accessing your individual assessment report or you have questions, UnitedHealth Premium program advisors are available toll-free at (866) 270-5588 or via email at unitedpremium@uhc.com.

The enhancements to the Premium program for 2008 incorporate recommendations from the physician community, medical specialty societies, and physician advisory boards. The UnitedHealth Premium designation program will continue to seek out and respect the collegial and collaborative input of physicians and their organizations as we all work together to advance performance assessment, improve clinical care, and support consumers through access to health information to make more informed and personally appropriate health care decisions.

* Notification period for physicians in Tennessee is "at least 60 days."