New Task Force Developed for Upcoming Health Care Reform Debate

January 5, 2009


With a new President-elect and Congress already beginning to tackle the issue of health care reform, the AAN Professional Association has developed a task force dedicated to developing a comprehensive strategy that will present the needs of neurologists and their patients on Capitol Hill.

Chaired by Bruce Sigsbee, MD, FAAN, members of the Health Reform Task Force (HRTF) will be implementing a proactive strategy in regards to health care reform involving neurology and will also act as a rapid response team as legislation is proposed.

Since the HRTF was formed in October 2008, it has created an educational piece for policymakers on Capitol Hill. Titled "The Critical Role of Neurologists in our Health Care System," this vital information explains what exactly a neurologist does, why there is an increasing demand in the profession, as well as the growing concerns of neurologic diseases, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's Disease, and autism in children. HRTF staff has also met with patient organizations to discuss how certain efforts can be combined, though these discussions are still ongoing.

The HRTF will decide its next steps during a meeting in mid-January. Discussions taking place during this time will include developing reform principals that will ultimately drive the Academy's efforts on Capitol Hill.

For more information, please contact Rod Larson, Chief Health Policy Officer at or at (651) 695-2772.