NINDS and Launch Internet Collaboration

November 10, 2008


By Walter Koroshetz, MD, FAAN, Deputy Director, NINDS; and Orly Avitzur, MD, FAAN, Editor-in-Chief,

A new dimension is emerging in the long collaboration between the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) and the American Academy of Neurology. Led by Marian Emr at NINDS and John W. Henson, MD, FAAN, of, editorial teams have launched the NINDS web page on in order to bring selected key information from NINDS to neurologists and their patients. Some of the features on the new page include:

  • NINDS Disorders. This compendium of patient- and caregiver-oriented information describes the clinical features, causes, treatment, prognosis, and research information for more than 250 neurological conditions. For example, see the entry on stroke. Neurologists can easily print this information for their patients, or they can provide a link to direct patients to the pages of interest.
    NINDS Disorders also contains Internet links to relevant patient support and advocacy groups, and the allows patients and neurologists to search for relevant clinical trials for many disease entities (e.g., see Stroke Trials listed on Thanks to RSS feed technology, frequent updates to NINDS Disorders are reflected immediately on the Academy website.

  • NINDS News Features. Newsworthy information from NINDS will now be available as part of Science News on the home page of, as well as on’s NINDS page. This will provide neurologists with the most up-to-date NINDS information about topics ranging from new research findings to funding announcements.

  • Clinical Research Collaboration. NINDS is seeking to increase the participation of neurologists in clinical research through the NINDS Clinical Research Collaboration. Neurologists can use this site to rapidly identify clinical trials.

  • Funding Information. Information relevant to neurologists seeking NIH funding for their research will also available on, as well as opportunities for research training.

The NINDS and AAN websites seek to empower neurologists and their patients with information about the causes, treatments, and research of nervous system disorders. Collaboration between the two sites will greatly enhance this goal. Please let us know your thoughts about the new NINDS page on

Author Disclosures

Dr. Avitzur serves as Medical Adviser to Consumers Union, Associate Medical Editor for Consumer Reports, and Editor-in-Chief of; she receives compensation for these positions. She has spoken at AAN courses, state neurology societies, and neurology residency training programs. Currently in practice, Dr. Avitzur writes the "In Practice" column for NeurologyToday®.

Dr. Koroshetz has served as the Deputy Director of NINDS since January 2007. He has nothing to disclose.