State Society Roundtable Meets in New Orleans

October 6, 2008


On September 27 and 28, leaders from Neurological State Societies across the country gathered in New Orleans for the Academy’s Third Annual State Society Leaders Roundtable. Presidents, Board Members, Executive Directors and Treasurers representing 23 different states discussed a wide variety of issues, including membership recruitment, legal issues, advocacy issues, and funding challenges.

A session at the Academy's Third Annual State Society Leaders Roundtable in New Orleans.

Neurological State Societies offer their members CME opportunities as well as the chance to exchange valuable information with other neurologists. The lessons learned and benefits gained during each of these meetings can advance individual careers and the neurological profession as a whole. For this reason, the Academy continues to advocate for members to become a part of their state society.

While many of these societies face similar challenges, many have also implemented ideas that keep costs down and increases attendance at meetings. Some ideas included:

  • Hold annual meetings at family-friendly resorts
  • Plan your meeting for the same location at approximately the same time each year
  • Consider raising exhibitor fees
  • Combine annual meetings with other medical society meetings

Overall, attendees at this meeting considered it a success, as they came away with valuable information on how they can make their state society stronger.

For more information regarding the State Society Roundtable or to learn how you can join your neurological state society, please contact Melissa Larson at or at (651) 695-2748.