PQRI Feedback Reports Available in Mid-July

June 4, 2008


The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have announced that feedback reports for those physicians who participated in the 2007 Physician Quality Reporting Initiative will be available online in mid-July. Reports will be available by practice, identified by the Tax Identification number (TIN), under which at least one eligible provider has reported 2007 PQRI quality measures data. The reports will include information on reporting rates, clinical performance, and incentives earned by individual providers, along with a summary on reporting success and incentives earned at the practice level.

Although the reports are not yet available, CMS is recommending that practices take the time now to create an online account to alleviate any delays in obtaining the information. Individual providers and appropriate staff will need to register for access through a new CMS security system known as the Individual Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services–Provider Community (IACS-PC).

At this time only practices with multiple providers—or individuals with staff members who will access the PQRI feedback reports—should register in the IACS. The first step is for the practice to establish itself as an IACS-PC organization by registering a security official for the organization. The process for verifying the designated security official's authorization to access the practice's confidential information is not automated and may take some time: for this reason, CMS is encouraging practices to begin the process now.

Individual providers who expect to access their information themselves and do not have office staff with access to the system should wait to register with IACS until further notice. The registration process for these individuals is much simpler and less time-consuming.

Additionally, CMS is requesting that those groups or individuals who did not participate in the 2007 PQRI program not register at this time.

CMS has posted the following MLN Matters articles to address key questions and answers about the registration process.

Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services - Provider Community (IACS-PC) Part One

Individuals Authorized Access to CMS Computer Services - Provider Community (IACS-PC) Part Two

More information on registering in the IACS and the 2007 PQRI Participant Feedback Reports will be available shortly on the CMS website