Changes to Bylaws Bring New Member Categories

April 22, 2008


Proposed amendments to the AANPA Bylaws were approved on April 15, 2008, at the AAN Professional Association (AANPA) business meeting during the 60th Annual Meeting.

The approved changes include amendments to Article II of the AANPA Bylaws:

  • Section 1 – Classes of Membership
    Replace the Affiliate member class with three membership classes: Research Scientist, Non-neurologist Clinician, and Business Administrator.
  • Section 2 – Fellows
    Require seven consecutive years in an Active status before a member could be considered for Fellow.
  • Section 3 – Corresponding Fellows
    Require seven consecutive years in a Corresponding Associate or Corresponding Active status before a member could be considered for Corresponding Fellow.
  • Section 6 – Junior
    Allow post-doctoral fellows with PhD degrees to be Junior members.
  • Section 8 – Research Scientist
    Create a new Research Scientist membership category.
  • Section 9 – Non-neurologist Clinician
    Create a new Non-neurologist Clinician membership category.
  • Section 10 – Business Administrator
    Create a new Business Administrator membership category.

Because of these changes, sections 11 through 17 have been renumbered in the updated bylaws.

The membership also amended Article IV, Section 1, of the AANPA Bylaws to allow the Chair of the AAN Enterprises, Inc. (AEI) Board of Directors to be a voting ex officio member of the AAN and AANPA Boards of Directors.

For questions about the new Bylaw amendments, contact Murray G. Sagsveen, JD, CAE, General Counsel of the AAN and AANPA, at or (651) 695-2780.