Health Care and Politics Merge at the 2008 Practice Colloquium, Saturday, April 12, McCormick Place West, Room 184CD

March 25, 2008


By this time next year, the US will have a new president and a newly elected Congress to start off the 111th Congress. With health care costs accounting for an ever-greater proportion of the Gross Domestic Product, the uninsured population nearing 47 million, and the Baby Boomer generation about to age into Medicare, health care reform has taken center stage of the 2008 presidential election. Large scale health care reform will be at the forefront of the domestic policy issues the next president will address in his or her first term of office. Do you know how the different proposals for reform could affect the future of health care finance and delivery in the United States?

Renowned political commentator Morton Kondrake will be the keynote speaker at the 2008 Practice Colloquium. Providing an overview of the upcoming presidential election and a look at trends in the polls, Mr. Kondrake will discuss how he thinks the political landscape is evolving on health care issues. Representatives from each of the presidential campaigns will discuss the candidates' platforms for reform and be available to answer questions. This course will present the tools needed to get up to speed on the election and help the audience learn more about the leading candidates' health care reform ideas.

The 2008 Practice Colloquium will be Saturday, April 12, in McCormick Place West, Room 184CD.

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