Practice and Technology Editor's Report, January 2008

January 31, 2008


We've continued to enhance the Practice section of since my last report of October 2007. Our focus has been not only to develop and disseminate resources to help clinical neurologists and their staffs but to develop an infrastructure for future advances in knowledge management.

Our editorial team consists of Eric Ashman, MD; William Henderson, FACMPE; Anna Hohler, MD; Michael Rivner, MD; and Brett Theeler, MD.

New Features and Updates

We've added many new features and updates to our section since my last report. Here's a sample:

New Technology Area of the Practice Section of

This section will allow us to accommodate new resources about how technology can improve neurology practice.

Web Interface for AAN Mailing Lists

We've developed a Web interface for users of the AAN mailing lists (listservs). Subscribers can now access all their mailing lists via a single Web interface, where they are able to customize their email receiving preferences, email address and password; view, reply to, search, browse, filter, and sort past discussion threads; and arrange to view their messages via RSS reader programs. A guide to this new interface is posted in our new Technology area.

Guidelines Case Studies

We've added two case studies incorporating practice guidelines and relevant coding and billing information. One expands upon Treatment of Nervous System Lyme Disease and the other expands upon Neuroimaging in the Emergency Patient Presenting with Seizure. They are posted on the Website alongside the relevant guidelines.

New Payment Policy Webpage

A new Payment Policy and Decision Making Webpage contains information on other society's private sector initiatives, information for payers to use in developing new policies, and news related to private sector advocacy. In the future we hope to develop tools for physicians to use in their interactions with payers.

2008 PQRI Neurology Measures and Specifications and Reporting Tools Update

All PQRI measures, specifications and reporting tools have been updated for 2008.

ICD-9 Coding Database Update

The searchable ICD-9 Diagnosis Code database has been updated for 2008.

Guidelines and Tools Linked

In the "New Guidelines and Tools" pod all supporting documents are now hyperlinked so you can get to the clinician summaries, etc, right from that pod.

BRAINS Newsletter

A new BRAINS newsletter has been posted.

Patient Safety

On the Patient Safety page, the materials (syllabi and slides) from the 2007 PS Colloquium are now available.

Current Tools in the Practice Section of

News Stories Posted Since December 1 Include:



Payment Policy and Decision Making

Medicare and Regulatory Issues Authors

Recently Published Practice Guidelines and Tools

Coming Attractions

In the next several months we hope to introduce significant features such as a new advanced full text search of our practice guidelines. We plan to add more articles and practice tools including an update of our online CPT database reflecting new codes and reimbursement policies for 2008. More resources in the new technology section are being developed.

Feedback Wanted

Remember, we need your input as we move forward with the development of our section. We've tried to make it easy to submit your feedback and suggestions. You can either select "Website Feedback" on the blue bar or click the email links found on the right of most pages.

Please visit our section frequently!

Neil A. Busis, M.D. Practice and Technology Editor