AMA Partners With More Than 70 Organizations to Survey Practices

January 24, 2008


Members are encouraged to watch their mailboxes for the AMA’s Physician Practice Information survey. The AMA has circulated the following details:

Watch your mail for Physician Practice Information survey.

The AMA and more than 70 other organizations are conducting a comprehensive multi-specialty survey of America’s physician practices. The results will be used to positively influence national decision makers to ensure accurate and fair representation for all physicians and patients, and to articulate the challenges of running a practice that provides expert patient care, while operating a business that is sustainable. Of particular importance is the section of the study pertaining to practice expenses and the amounts that are attributable to you. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has indicated it will use the results of this study to help determine physician payment. The survey firm, Dmrkynetec, will contact randomly selected physicians and practice managers to collect responses. Please encourage your staff to make this information available, as the survey’s success depends on accurate and complete data. All responses will remain confidential.