Academy CME Tracking Tool Now Includes Non-AAN Accrued Credits

January 15, 2008


The AAN’s online continuing medical education (CME) transcript tool—which allows users to keep track of CME credits earned through the AAN—will now allow users to track credits earned outside of the Academy.

This Academy benefit is included with membership at no extra cost.

“Now members can look to one source to keep track of all the CME credits they earn,” said Ralph F. Józefowicz, MD, FAAN, Education Committee Chair. “Users don’t have to worry about looking up their course history in multiple places, which is extremely helpful for preparing for maintenance of certification.”

The CME tracker allows users to print out a customized report showing Academy CME credits, non-AAN CME, or both at the same time—they can customize it to their needs.

“We encourage members to share this information with their practice managers, office staff, and anyone who might be assisting them in keeping track of their CME credit history.”

Start tracking your credits with the CME transcript tracker.