Asia-Pacific Palatucci Alumni to Hold Reunion in March

December 12, 2007


Palatucci Advocacy Leadership Forum alumni from India, Pakistan, Philippines and Australia will meet March 13, 2008, to discuss advocacy goals and strategies for their region as part of the fifth Asia Pacific Congress Against Stroke to be held in Pasig City, Philippines.

Among the meeting attendees will be the following Palatucci Forum alumni:

  • M. M. Mehndiratta, MD (India-Alumni Meeting Coordinator)
  • Lakshmi Ranganathan, MD (India)
  • Mohammad Wasay, MD (Pakistan-2004 Co-Advocate of the Year)
  • Leonor Cabral Lim, MD (Philippines)
  • Johnny Lokin, MD (Philippines)
  • Tissa Wijeratne, MD (Australia)

In recent years, these advocates have worked on a range of important neurology issues, from improving access to proper stroke care, to building a neurology advocacy network in India, to improving public understanding of epilepsy and economic conditions for women with epilepsy, to eradicating rabies and tetanus in Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan. Attendees hope to build upon their experiences to improve their collective effectiveness as neurology advocates. Dr. Mehndiratta noted, "The Palatucci Forum has truly spread its wings and gone global."

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