AAN Commits to Research with $1 Million Donation

October 26, 2007


With a $1 million gift, the AAN this year dramatically demonstrated its commitment to research for treatments and cures for neurological disorders. This generous gift to the AAN Foundation will fund up to eight new research fellowships.

"We are overwhelmed by the magnitude of this donation from the AAN," said Austin J. Sumner, MD, FAAN, Chair of the AAN Foundation. "This funding will jump start many new discoveries. Now we need to create an endowment to fund these grants well into the future. Hopefully this generosity will spur our members and friends to join us in our commitment to research."

The AAN Foundation is increasing its support for research at a time when federal funds for research are decreasing. The AAN focuses on clinical research that will have the most immediate impact on people with neurological disorders, and where the need for funding is greatest.

"Our goal is to be the largest funder of neurological research outside the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke," said Austin J. Sumner, MD, FAAN, Chair of the AAN Foundation. "We are focused on the need to recruit and train clinical researchers in neurology."

The scientific and medical communities have called the shortage of investigators a crisis that will impact far more than the 50 million Americans currently suffering from a neurological disease.

Clinical research is the fundamental transition stage between discovery and treatment. Clinical research provides the scientific basis for all forms of care, addresses patient and caregiver needs, and is the backbone for drug development and cost-effectiveness studies needed to improve lives.

Recognizing this critical need for neurology research, the AAN Foundation has dedicated its grant making efforts toward investing in young researchers.

Partners in Research

Through strong partnerships with other organizations focused on bettering lives for people with specific disorders, the AAN Foundation offers an increasing number of research grants in collaboration with organizations such as the ALS Association, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association, the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, and more.

For more information

Find out more about the AAN’s important work in neurology research. Contact Alberta Zais (Associate Director, Corporate Relations) at azais@aan.com, (651) 695-2760; or Bridget Farley (Exhibits and Corporate Relations Manager) at bfarley@aan.com, (651) 695-2703, to find out how you can be part of the Academy’s important research initiatives.