Medicare Part B CAP Physician Election Period Starts October 1

September 21, 2007


The 2008 Physician Election Period for the Medicare Part B Drug Competitive Acquisition Program (CAP) will begin on October 1, 2007, and will conclude on November 15, 2007. The CAP is a voluntary program that offers physicians the option to acquire many injectable and infused drugs they use in their practice from an approved CAP vendor, thus reducing the time they spend buying and billing for drugs. The 2008 CAP program will run from January 1 to December 31, 2008.

Once a physician has elected to participate in CAP, they must obtain all drugs on the CAP drug list from the CAP drug vendor. Physicians can still continue to purchase and bill Medicare under the Average Sale Price (ASP) system for those drugs that are not provided by the physician's CAP vendor.

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The physician election form can be found in the Downloads section of the following webpage:

The list of drugs supplied by the CAP vendor, including NDCs, is in the Downloads section at:

Please note that completed and signed physician election forms should be returned by mail to your local carrier. Forms must be postmarked on or before November 15, 2007. DO NOT return forms to CMS offices.