AAN Foundation Announces Additional Training Fellowships for 2008

September 12, 2007


The AAN Foundation is pleased to announce the addition of eight new Clinical Research Training Fellowships to be awarded in 2008, made possible through a generous gift from the AAN. This addition increases to 13 the number of Clinical Research Training Fellowships available. Funds have been provided by the AAN in strong support of the AAN Foundation’s commitment to the future of neurology and the importance of research.

Clinical Research Training Fellowships are two-year mentored fellowships awarded to newly established physicians who are less than five years out of residency and have received no prior significant funding. Significant support in the amount of $65,000 per year is provided for protected research time and academic course obligations.

The deadline to apply for a 2008 Clinical Research Training Fellowship or other AAN Foundation fellowships or awards for 2008 is October 1, 2007

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