Get Connected: Annual Meeting First-timers, Experienced Attendees

February 6, 2013


The AAN Annual Meeting is the world's largest gathering of neurologists, and some first-time member attendees can find it overwhelming. That's why the AAN's Neurology Career Center is creating a networking opportunity through its Mentor Connect program.

Experienced members can share their insights and experiences with other Academy members who are new to the meeting. And newcomers can get information that can help make their experience more productive and enjoyable.

Mentors and mentees determine the parameters of their time together at the Annual Meeting and how to connect before or during the event. A quick meet and greet over coffee is a good place to start.

To Become a Mentor
Create a Mentor profile online by selecting "Become a Mentor" at AAN Mentor Connect. Enter your profile information and include available dates during the Annual Meeting, and you're set.

To Become a Mentee
Create a Mentee profile online by selecting "Find a Mentor" at AAN Mentor Connect. Include your available dates during the Annual Meeting.

Sign up by March 8
All mentors and mentees will receive a free t-shirt and a $5 Starbucks gift card from the AAN Neurology Career Center as a thank you for your participation. Stop by the booth at Academy Central for your free gift.

Questions? Contact the Neurology Career Center.