Interview Questions Guide

September 25, 2012


Questions to Ask

Provided below is a guide of useful questions to ask in the job searching process.

General Interview Questions:

  • How long have you been searching for this position?
  • When do you want someone to start?
  • What type of candidate (skills/education) will best meet the organizations needs?
  • What are the long–term plans/goals of the organization/group?
  • Describe the current referral patterns.
  • Are other physicians supportive of the search?
  • What non–clinical duties are required?

Questions to Avoid:

  • Don’t negotiate/debate money issues on the initial visit.
    1. Let your recruiter do it for you – 3rd party
    2. You don’t want to close any doors that may not be closed yet
    3. Don’t allow money to come up too soon
  • Offensive Comments
    1. Small town
    2. Hospital/equipment
    3. Staff

Questions Neurologist Should Ask:


Do you have a sub–specialty fellowship or sub–specialty interest?
What percentage of your day/week do you do your sub–specialty?
How many cases do you do a month?
Are you doing?


What procedures are being done now?

  • CAT, MRI, EEG, EMG, NMR, Angiograms, Spinal Taps
  • Pain Management
  • Sleep Studies – Who controls the sleep lab?
How many procedures are being done in a month/year?
What types of cases are being seen?

Practice Structure:

How is the Practice Structured?

  • Group, Partnership, Solo, Hospital employee?
How is call structured?
How busy is call?
How many hospitals does the group/practice cover?
What equipment do you own? 
Is there a possibility of buying into that part of the practice?


How many patients are seen in a given week?
How many procedures are done a month/year?
What percentage of each type of case?


Biggest areas of politics with Sleep Medicine, Pain Management, and Imaging?
Control of the Sleep Lab can be an issue with Pulmonology.
Some Pain Management Anesthesiologists may have a problem with Neurologists doing pain management.
Imaging can be competitive as well.