AAN Statement Defines Neurology Subspecialties for Coding New Patient Visits

August 28, 2012


Determining whether a patient is new or established can be challenging, particularly with regard to whether a patient has been seen within the previous three years within the same group practice. In addition, revisions to the 2012 Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) E/M guidelines now allow a physician of the same group practice to report  a new patient encounter if the physician is not of the exact same subspecialty of the physician who reported an initial encounter.

To assist members in determining whether a new patient encounter may be reported, the AAN has published a new Position Statement defining neurology subspecialties. Neurologists may refer payers to this position statement to support the validity of a reported new patient visit. The AAN will also proactively share the position statement with insurers.

The Definition of Neurology Subspecialty Position Statement can be read in its entirety on the AAN Position Statements Webpage.