AAN Mentor Connect Helps You Make the Most of Your Neurology Career

June 8, 2012


The AAN strongly believes that mentoring is an essential component of the learning experience for all members. As mentors, experienced Neurologists bring expertise to help guide their mentees. They can also learn from their less experienced counterparts.

Most importantly, mentoring provides participants in the program with the support and guidance necessary to become physicians dedicated to the goals of the neurology profession.

AAN Mentor Connect launched at the Annual Meeting in New Orleans in April, 2012. It is an 18-month pilot program open to all AAN members. There is no cost for the program; it is a members-only benefit. Mentors and Mentees and access the program at AAN.com/careers with their member credentials.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

How does AAN Mentor Connect work?

Interested members, whether they wish to be a mentor or are seeking a mentor, complete a brief online profile based on interests and experience. An email is generated when a potential match is found in the database. The two parties communicate via email to determine the frequency of contact (once a week? once a month?) , method for communication (phone? Skype?) and duration of the relationship.

Who has access to the AAN Mentor Connect profiles?

Only AAN members have access to AAN Mentor Connect. It is accessible only with AAN member credentials. If a profile is created, you will only be able to view a potential mentor or mentee profile if there is a match based on interests and experience.

What are the qualifications to serve as a mentor or request a mentor?

There are no minimum requirements; you just need to be an AAN member. No matter what the career stage, members determine what their needs are. Whether you are in training and seek guidance on determining a specialty or an experienced professional contemplating a career change or new research project, the program is open to all members.

What is the time commitment?

There is no minimum or maximum time commitment. Once a connection has been made, the mentor and mentee determine the frequency of contact and duration of the relationship based on their availability.

How do I access AAN Mentor Connect?

Visit AAN.com/careers and look for the blue "AAN Mentor Connect" button under Job Seekers. Select the option to Find a Mentor or Become a Mentor to complete a brief profile.