Updated Guideline on Essential Tremor Published by AAN

October 19, 2011


An updated evidence-based guideline published by the AAN shows that certain drugs can help improve tremor in people with essential tremor (ET), but not all people with the disorder will be able to tolerate the drugs or find improvement in their symptoms. The guideline was published online ahead of print on October 19, 2011, and in print in the November 8, 2011, issue of Neurology®.

The guideline's recommendations concerning drugs indicate that:

  • Propranolol and primidone help improve tremor (Level A)
  • Alprazolam, atenolol, gabapentin (monotherapy), sotalol, topiramate can be helpful (Level B)
  • Nadolol, nimodipine, clonazepam, and botulinum toxin type A may be helpful (Level C)

To learn more about additional recommendations, read the guideline and access PDF summaries for clinicians and patients, a slide presentation, and a clinical example.