AAN Launches New 'Learning Across Your Lifetime' Experience on AAN.com

October 14, 2011


In a continued effort to improve member satisfaction and offer the best possible products, programs, and resources to help members excel throughout their professional careers, the AAN has listened to requests to offer timely information when members need it most, and provide tools and services most applicable to their individual needs.

As a result, the Academy has launched the new Learning Across Your Lifetime experience on AAN.com. While the AAN has always strived to offer the highest-quality programs and services, now with Learning Across Your Lifetime the Academy is able to better tailor these offerings to suit specific member needs based on their individual interests and career stages—from medical student to retiree.

To experience these individualized suggestions, members must log in to AAN.com. Only upon log in will recommendations be displayed. AAN members are also encouraged to update their profiles so the AAN can provide the most accurate product suggestions and overall member experience.

Learning Across Your Lifetime takes the guesswork out of which AAN products, programs, and services best meet member needs—even down to the time of year they may be the most useful. For instance, upon log in, Learning Across Your Lifetime will be able to inform you if you still need to fulfill credits required for performance in practice and offer you programs to help you fulfill the requirements on time.

"The mission of the Learning Across Your Lifetime concept is to provide the resources and tools that are essential in building a career in neurology and promoting excellence as a neurologist," said Jennifer Molano, MD, chair of the Learning Across Your Lifetime Workgroup. "While the concept incorporates necessary requirements, the ultimate goal also is to facilitate enthusiasm and dedication to the field of neurology. The AAN has such as plethora of ways to assist its members through each stage of their career, whether they are clinicians, researchers, educators—or any combination of the three; part of the challenge is just increasing awareness of the resources available. Developing practical and accessible tools that will integrate already existing resources is an essential step in turning the Learning Across Your Lifetime concept into a reality, and the AAN leadership and staff have been collaborative, patient, and dedicated in guiding us through that task."

New NeuroTracker Is 'One-stop Shop' for Tracking MOC and Professional Development

In addition to the individualized recommendations, the former My CME Tracker tool has been updated and enhanced with added features. Now the NeuroTracker, this new tool in the Learning Across Your Lifetime repository serves as a convenient one-stop shop for quickly and easily tracking both AAN and non-AAN activities, from maintenance of certification requirements to professional development.

The MOC tracking feature is now available and allows members to tally continuing medical education credits, performance in practice progress, and self-assessment activities. Members can also keep track of their professional development activities—both AAN-related and non-AAN-related—including service on boards and committees, papers written, awards received, and more. Future enhancements to the new NeuroTracker will include the ability to build or update your CV, schedule academic appointments, and more.

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