Daniel Hoch, PhD, MD

Daniel Hoch, PhD, MD, is a neurologist and epilepsy specialist at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School. He was a founder of Braintalk.org, a collection of over 200 online support groups for individuals with neurologic disease, and has been a longtime patient advocate promoting participatory health care in programs such as the Cook's Branch initiative, a group formed by the late Dr. Tom Ferguson, and through work developing digital methods to promote interventions at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. He has served on a number of advocacy and advisory committees in support of patient-centered computing, and developed and studied online patient resources as part of a National Library of Medicine grant. His most recent research is on the ways in which online virtual environments can be used to facilitate and improve health care. He is also exploring ways in which patients can be more engaged in their care by working together in groups with their care providers to manage appointment schedules, monitor each other's adherence to interventions, and support each other emotionally.